hello gorgeous English edition

hello gorgeous is a glossy magazine about living with HIV, produced by people with HIV and others directly involved with them. Everyone who works on the magazine offers their services for no commercial gain.

It’s published by the hello gorgeous foundation, whose aim it is to normalize living with HIV by fighting stigma.

Launched in late 2012 and published four times a year, hello gorgeous is mainly distributed free of charge through HIV treatment centres in the Netherlands. We are delighted to present you with our first English edition, a digital compilation of translated articles selected from the first four issues of the printed Dutch magazine.

A second English edition is being planned, hopefully in April of 2017. For now: enjoy reading the 1st edition!

hello gorgeous – English edition #1 – January 2014

In this edition:

    ‘I immediately sent everyone a message saying that I had HIV.’
    HIV nurse Loek also has HIV.
    Veteran versus rookie
  • and much more…
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